5 tips for students looking to save money on housing

Unless students are 100% funded by wealthy parents, they are on low incomes. It’s true that housing or board takes out a huge chunk of the little bit you earn. If you’re single, and the landlord allows, get a roommate and split the rent in two. Even if you don’t like sharing, it’s just for a year or two. Secondly, stay longer with Mom and Dad. Yes, you’ll be giving up your freedom, but by paying a small rental or nothing at all, you can spare yourself the trouble of settling for smaller digs that are double the price.

shutterstock_166692959In-Res is Cheap and Convenient

Thirdly, stay in-residence. www.Gurunanakcollege.in offers advice on their college hostel. Facilities include 50 rooms offering accommodation for students from India and other countries who live in harmony. Students will love staying among young people who share their interests and ideals while providing some home comforts as well. At the college, there is a TV room with table and chairs where students can read newspapers and magazines. The hostel also offers sports and games such as cricket, tennis, volleyball, athletics, hockey, chess, a gym and more. To ensure the proper health of their students, a regular health checkup is given by an onsite medical officer.

Stay Close to College

Saving money on housing comes from other sources too. Save a fortune by giving up on quick takeaways and get other students to take part in a ‘potluck’. Eating at the college dining room can save you a pretty penny, but now and then you can have a fun potluck evening with other students. Tip 5 is to find cheap accommodation off-campus, split the rent with a friend and make sure you can walk to college. Not having to find money to pay for transport to and from college can add up to make substantial savings.