6 Keys to a Successful Study Abroad Experience in Dubai

Take Advantage of Studying Abroad in Dubai: Read These 6 Tips

Study abroad in Dubai successfully with these six valuable tips. With good sense and cultural appreciation, make it a semester to remember.

  1. The Golden Rule, with a twist: respecting cultures. The Golden Rule means treating others as you would like to be treated, but in another culture, it has a new application. One culture may honour brutal honesty, while another may promote the utmost tact. The Golden Rule in a new culture means treating people as they want to be treated—honouring their
  2. Language arts: learn more than you think you’ll need. The academic language in Dubai is English, but try to learn enough Arabic for your other activities, such as shopping or outings.
  3. Reach out: make new friends and keep in touch with those at home. Culture shock and homesickness are perfectly normal experiences for students abroad, but will easier if you reach out to new friends regularly and contact those at home as well.
  4. Grow a thick skin: ignore minor annoyances. Try to be relaxed about minor differences. Becoming upset only bothers you and will certainly never change another culture’s values. Women, especially should be well aware that cultural norms for women in Dubai may differ starkly with those at home.
  5. When in Rome: accept sensible advice. Your new friends in Dubai may offer advice about getting along in the new culture. If it is well-meant and reasonable, take it kindly. For example, a visitor to India was advised that wearing a sari would help protect her from the intense heat, which she found to be true.
  6. Focus: remember to schedule study time. As a student in Dubai, you’ll find many fascinating and fun cultural activities to keep you busy, just remember to actually study when you study abroad.