As your son or daughter gets ready to go to college, housing arraignments must be made. There are several different types of housing available for students that you may not even know exist while there are some you would probably rather steer away from just for your college students only safety unless they are completely ready to enter the world on their own. Many times the type of student housing may not be affordable for you or your college student.

According to the location of the university or college, your student will have such opportunities for housing as:

  • Living at home
  • Living on campus
  • Fraternity lodging
  • Off-campus college accommodations
  • Off-campus shared housing
  • Apartments
  • Housing rental

These are the main options that will at least give you some ideas as to the living accommodations for your student. Before school begins you and your child should check out all the options to ensure affordability as well as safety is included in the choice your student makes.

Throughout the pages on this website, the various types of student housing will be explained to help you and your student make the best choice and avoid any problems down the road. Going it alone your first year at college can be stressful, if your student is worried about where they will live, it will cause more anxiety and their grades may show this problem. It is always best to check out all the options before making a decision for all concerned even if the school is close to your home.