Off Campus College Accommodations

A few universities and colleges offer off campus accommodations for their students in the way of apartments or houses. The cost to live off campus will be included in your tuition or may not be included according to the school. These properties are often under the supervision of the college but there are no adult attendants as you would find with on campus housing.

These apartments and homes are not furnished in many cases and only have the appliances you need such as a stove and refrigerator with laundry facilities on the property for apartments and in some cases in the homes, there will be a laundry room.

All of the properties are for multiple individuals such as two or more bedrooms in the apartments and with the housing often several more bedrooms. This way students can divide the rent. Most colleges will also include the utilities in with the rent that will also be divided among the students. The only utilities often not included in these off campus properties are the telephone, cable, and internet.

If the students want these extra utilities, they will have to order them in their name and pay accordingly.

The reason some colleges offer off off campus housingcampus housing is that some students are not really into living on the premises of the college, but have the desire to be more adult-minded and have more freedom than they would have living in a dorm or other on campus facility that may have adult supervision.

There are benefits as well as downsides to using these housing options. The main downside is that some students once they have moved in do not pay their portion of the bills or help with such things as food which can cause issues with the other students living in these off campus housing units.