Student Housing: Apartments

For students that are working, finding an apartment or house to rent may be the best option. The only problem here is that you will be completely responsible for the rent, all the utilities, and of course will have to sign a lease. Too many times, college students may not be able to do this alone as the costs of apartments and homes in the area are more expensive than they can actually afford.

cheap one-bedroom apartmentIf you look at a cheap one-bedroom apartment, in the majority of cases, you will not find rent less than $450 per month and utilities such as electricity, gas, water, sewage and trash pickup is around $200 per month. This does not include the internet, telephone, or cable which can also be very close to $200 per month. This is around $850 per month and does not include food or other items you may wish to purchase such as furniture and kitchenware.

Many students when they are looking for apartments or houses to rent will often find friends to help with the expenses and also be on the lease. This does cut down on expenses as long as each person is responsible enough to pay their fair share. If one person cannot come up with their portion of the rent, then the rest of the students will have to pay the rent or of course, all students will be evicted from the apartment or home unless all the rent is paid.

Of course, this will give you much more freedom whether you live alone or live with friends that can get along. When choosing the people, you desire to live in the apartment with you, be sure that you choose others that will have similar interests or at least will be able to enjoy one another’s company.