Student Housing: Houses

Renting a house is often not a good choice for just one student as the costs are often way too expensive for one person. You may be able to find a mobile home that is affordable if it only has one bedroom, but still most students cannot afford to rent a home.

The good news is that some landlords will rent to more than one student such as a three or four students which will certainly cut down on the expenses. The main problem though is that many homeowners are not going to want to rent a rowdy bunch of college students.

Renting a houseIn order to rent a house, you will have rent along with deposits to pay and since you are college students, your deposit may be more expensive than if you were a family that has rental references and proof they can afford to rent the home.

All of the students you choose to live in the home with you will be included in the lease. The landlord will do a background check, credit report, and will desire to see proof of income. If your income combined is not higher than one-fourth of the rent, you may be turned down. The main reason is that the landlord knows that you will not be able to pay the rent, utilities, and food along with buy furniture and other items you will need during your time in school.

On the other hand, if your parents help with rent or other expenses, the landlord may be a bit more lenient and give you a shot at renting their home. There are many things to consider if you are considering renting a home, from the expenses to how all of you will get along living under one roof. Arguments can be as small as what to watch on television as well as how noisy one person may be while others are trying to study.