Making the Right Decision

Going off to college is an exciting time in your life, but trying to decide which type of housing you want can be very difficult. When you consider that you can choose from On-campus, fraternities, sororities, living at home, off campus college accommodations, off campus room rentals, apartments, and houses, you may actually be even more confused.

It would be best if you talk this over with your parents especially if you are going to want to rent an apartment or house. Not every student can afford to enjoy these types of accommodations.

On the other hand, living on campus or campus owned properties, the college experience will be very different than living off campus on your own.

You will have to think hard and look at your own budget before you make any decisions. Living in dorms, fraternities, or sororities will certain provide you with a new experience as will living with other students off campus.

If you can at all, living at home, may be one of the better options as you will be able to work and save money so your sophomore year you will have more options for your living accommodations.

Before heading off to college, check out the town and the area to see what is available in the way of student housing, whether on campus or off campus. You may find a room to let that will give you freedom as well as the experience of living with another family and enjoying the atmosphere as if you were still at home.

Remember, cdecisionollege is going to be hard enough your first year and worrying about how to pay rent should be something that you need on your shoulders along with work and studying. This is a very important decision especially for freshmen as it will be completely different than living at home, so make the right choice that will give you peace of mind while you enjoy obtaining a higher education.