Fraternity and Sorority Lodging

For some students being part of a fraternity or sorority is the perfect and fun accommodations. This type of lodging is often a rented house that is only for those that have been accepted into the fraternity or sorority. In order to join one of these, you will have to fill out an application and then the members will decide if they believe you are what they expect from members.

Sororities and Fraternities often provide other communities services besides providing their members with lodging such as functions, meetings, and social gatherings that will aid in benefiting the community in which they live. Both, fraternities and sororities homes are owned by a national organization that is sponsoring the organization, a corporation of the alumni, or even the college that the students are attending.

Pi Kappa AlphaThere are many different fraternities and sororities all across the United States. The 5 largest houses include Kappa Kappa Gamma at the University of Arkansas that was finished being built in 2013, Pi Kappa Alpha and Zeta Beta Tau both at Florida State University, FarmHouse and Alpha Gamma Rho both at Oklahoma State University. Of course, there are many different fraternities and sororities around the USA in every state that may not be as large but still provide many of the same amenities.

The one thing to remember is according to the size of the fraternity or sorority, they can only accept so many members every year as their members graduate. This means it is very difficult to be accepted and it may not be easy to find one until you have made some friends in the one you wish to join. Before trying to join, you should learn more about the members and what type of community activities they do to ensure you will fit in the group.